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Vanessa Wilkerson
--her Story


In an effort to overcome a challenging auto-immune condition, Vanessa extensively studied and applied numerous healing philosophies, including but not limited to: Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (incl. acupuncture), Homeopathy, Chiropractic, various whole body cleanses, liver & gallbladder flushes, enemas, colonics, herbs, whole food nutrition, meditation, visualization, affirmations, as well as oxygen, chi, and infra-red therapies. 


She experienced first-hand the necessity of mending particular organ systems and other issues that lie at the root of almost every illness. Supporting the body through nutrition and gentle cleansing is key, as it is only your body that can heal your body. This includes feeding both your body and mind properly.


She's witnessed in her own life and in the lives of many, that money spent on various holistic and natural treatments prove minimally effective if your body and mind aren't on board. Like plant-life, they won't take root without the proper foundational elements of life (food, water, sun).


With a real focus on the foundation and basics of health, and the proper mindset, you can heal anything. Once these core areas are addressed, you can then maximize the benefits of combined holistic therapies to achieve ultimate levels of health.


Her plan focuses on a union of the most effective and most readily available practices that anyone can apply.