Stress and anxiety have been noted as sources of 80% of hospital visits, and are further recognized by many doctors and health gurus as the #1 killers.

Humanity has barely become aware of this unfortunate truth, but awareness is just the beginning. It’s now time for us to look at the root cause of our stress and work to effectively reduce or manage it.

Understanding Relationships & Choice

Common places one encounters stress and negativity lie within the context of family, friends, and work. It’s up to us to look at our circumstances and implement change where necessary.

Many people feel stuck in their relationships or jobs. If you think that, you are right. Your thoughts and beliefs absolutely do affect your reality and your perception of it. On the other hand, you can instead choose a different truth where possibility and opportunity abound.

We must do whatever is necessary to change our various toxic environments or they just might kill us. Have you ever heard someone—maybe yourself—say: “My job is killing me"? Words are powerful. A person who feels this way would be wise to get a new job, fast.

We all have people in our lives that have such a tendency towards negativity that spending time with them can become toxic to our health, and even to our very progress as human beings.

I am not advising that you eliminate every negative person from your life. I’m merely pointing to the need to become aware of who and what zaps your energy.

Moving the Energy

Here’s the good news: We can do something about it!

For example, there are distinct relationships that I chose to cease or limit my engagement with, for varying timeframes, until it became evident that the timing was “right" to re-engage. Time, when properly utilized, can heal. You can change, and people can change—we all can evolve if we so choose.

This is not just about our relationships with other people—we also have self-sabotaging habits that create toxicities in our relationship with Self.

So how can we nab these pesky energy zappers?

Herein lies the opportunity for change… for transformation. With time, we can become more skilled at managing our relationships and their boundaries. By utilizing the suggestions below, anyone can develop the skills necessary to protect his or her energy.

The Tools

First you must recognize the energy zappers’ existence. With respect to your relationships and habits, you must be in tune with both your mind and your body.

You need to ask yourself the big questions: “Do I notice a negative effect on my mood or my body when I converse with this particular individual?" Do I often end up agitated, tired, or stressed?"

When your state of mind or physical body is regularly deteriorated by your interaction with another person, it’s time to question if the relationship has become toxic.

Only you can know this. You can often resolve relationship issues through proper & timely communication. But if not, you may need to take a break, or at least limit your interaction with them until the relationship has had time to transform.

The same applies to your behaviors: If you find your habits—such as overeating or eating the wrong kinds of foods, drinking alcohol to excess, indulging in stimulants, or staying up too late—are negatively affecting your body and mind, then it’s time to question them too!

Take inventory. With awareness, you can initiate change by:

• Talking through things with someone

• Altering the action/interaction or its frequency

• Completely eradicating the behavior or relationship from your life, if necessary

We must first acknowledge the energy zapper, and then make steps to implement change thereby altering its effect on us. A single step, even if small, can create improvement, and pave the path toward further growth and a happy, healthy body and mind.

The key is to keep things moving forward: If you digress, get back on the path. Change is sometimes difficult, as it requires ongoing attention, honesty, and action. But if you remain consistent over time, you can alter any toxic relationship or behavior.

Your energy is your most precious commodity—it’s your life force. The things you choose to engage in either feed it or deplete it.

It’s your life, your energy, and your choice.

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